Thursday, 25 November 2010

Who needs jewellery when you have diamonds on your bra straps

As we have seen recently, there is a huge trend at present of wearing lingerie as outerwear AKA Loungerie, as seen in the 1980s with the courtesy of ripped stockings and lacy bras revealing them self's everywhere, the everlasting continuation circle of trend seems to be back again, I find this a really good look, I actually love teaming my sheer black panelled leggings with all black jumpers cut at the shoulder to reveal a bit of bra strap... (Some people say wrong, I beg to differ...)
We have also seen a great deal of baby doll sheer dresses being worn (such a pretty look), with harsh black biker jackets and statement lips! Gorgeous!
This look seems to been everywhere and I doubt it to be one to ever die out, just look at tights at the moment in the shops, the usual black opaque is being replaced on the shelves for pattened stockings think Henry Holland for Pretty Polly, check out the tiger print sequin tights in my previous posts. What was once an accessory, now a statement piece. Who needs jewellery when you have diamonds on your bra straps....