Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Tons of neon glitter and wide-range electro eye shadows.- Bit of me...Yes please Bit of you? Doesn't it look fabulous! I love Neon shades and all that jazz so this is most definitely up my street, I don't know whether its available in the UK, but fingers crossed!

Have a look at their website its brilliant stuff! Think on the lines of Barry M, with a little bit more edge, think Kesha, but slightly more subtle.

And to top it off the creative geniuses behind Medusa’s Makeup created a solution:

An all-natural adhesive for glitter dubbed The Fix, which keeps glitter in place without too much of a stick-factor. Sweet
Ohh P.S just found out the ship international! Yay!
Prices for an eyeshadow are around £4.00

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