Monday, 15 November 2010

My weekend makeup buy- Illamasqua Satin Primer

This weekend on my shopping outings i was on hunt for a facial primer, these winter months have taken a toll on my skin and i need something to stop my foundation becoming flaky around my eyebrows- Please say i am not the only one with this problem...
So i popped into my favourite store in Beak Street Illamasqua, sat down with my new friend Sally who advised me on this amazing primer that goes on so beautiful- literally my face felt like satin. ( Hence the name of the product- Duh)

So we re-applied my foundation - Which is Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, which gives you a lovely even canvas to start your makeup masterpiece! So back to the primer, literally my makeup stayed on all day, and i had this glorious glow, that i have never had before, Amazing, I felt like a new women, I sat drinking a Starbucks in Carnaby Street making sure everyone see my Pretty lipliner.

We popped some lovely eye shadow on- well Sally did- i did try the same application on my evening out that night- i seriously did not get the same effect! Gutted. We shall carry on trying however, and i live in hope that when i become a qualified makeup artist i may loose my heavy handedness.

I got a pretty lipliner too, which is to be worn all over the lips! A Beautiful pink colour- When i get home i am going to list all the names! Quite pointless me telling you what i bought without giving the names and numbers....

Check out my Illamasqua obsession below- This being just 2 weeks worth. Oooopsie.

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