Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William

I am so excited for the royal wedding, after 30 years since Prince Charles and Diana, Will proposed to Kate in Africa three weeks ago. seriously kept hush hush.

Having just watching the beautiful couple being interviewed for Sky news, with small glimpses at the bottom of the TVscreen of her beautiful engagement ring, which belonged to late Princess Diana.

Kate is absolutely stunning and I am eagerly awaiting to see what type of wedding dress she will be wearing, could it be a gorgeous fish tail with huge train, or possible a giant meringue creation, definitely i predict a vail and beautiful up do.

The pair have not set a date, though rumour has it it will be Spring 2011, no venue has been revealed either, but we I am certain it's going to be glorious day for Britain, watched by the world.

So on this happy day, I thought i would put together some of Kate's outfits over the past years and possibly come to conclude what type of dress she will be wearing on her big day.

Good Luck to the happy couple!

What are your thoughts? xx

Princess Diana (July 1981) – designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel .

I am now on a wedding high, so my next post i will cover a range of celebrity weddings from different era's. I wish someone would marry me....



jolene_redknapp said...

Two Words - BANK HOLIDAY! Yes! Thanks Wills and Kate for providing us with a much needed day off to 'watch your wedding on tv' or 'throw a street party' he he...! xxx Lau my mum was getting all emotional cos of Di's Ring! xx

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