Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A few snaps of my weekend.

St. Michael on the Mount- Cornwall

Penmenner Road - Lizard- Cornwall


My quaint little room

The Garden of Penmenner House, hosted by the lovely Sheila

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I love Bows...

Prabal Gurung at J.Crew collection-

With the fresh, fun and feminine flair, this limited-edition line comprised of 50 coveted pieces. With sophistication, and fun time girl both bringing their story to this amazing collection.

Prabal Gurung at J Crew 7

Fresh, bold and full of feminine flair, this amazing collection will really spice up your summer wardrobe I am off to America in a few weeks and I cant wait to visit J.Crew to see what amazing pieces I can add to my wardrobe.

Especially in love with the amazing selection of Bow items on their website!

God, I love...

Isabeli Fontana: Vogue Paris June/July '11

Isabeli Fontana: Vogue Paris June/July '11
Isabeli Fontana: Vogue Paris June/July '11
Model: Isabeli Fontana & Clement Chabernaud
Photographer: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Fashion Editor: Emmanuelle Alt

Tuesday Thought?

Hey Guys,

What are your thoughts? Is it a Casio Hit, or a total Miss, I am in awe of anything diamonte, regardless.

I am all for Wrist bling! - http://www.diamondgshock.com

Celebrity Outfit Crush!

Camille Belle looking truly stunning in this white Tom Ford Suit.

This outfit is spot on from the shoes to the bag, however I would have gone for an updo hairstyle, to complete the look, even though Camille's hair looks pretty, something more striking would of set her on top of the style stakes.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I Heart YSL Ballerinas

CHIC NEVERLAND: CRUSH ON....YSL love ballerinas - Yves Saint Laurent

Sky high Tributes and skinny stilettos… Nope…YSL has launched a gorgeous collection of stunning ballet flats. The Love Ballerinas come in smooth patent leather in a variety of colours, and I am in LOVEEEEE!

All feature a pretty heart shape cut-out on the toe and an oversize YSL logo on the insole. These are a show I can see my self living in, Comfy, beautiful and YSL, say no more. It’s amore!

Yves Saint Laurent - Love Ballerina in Black


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Confession of a Want-a-holic

Confession of a Want-a-holic

So I had a thought today, "If we don’t ask we don’t get", some how this phrase makes me rather angry. Why do we have to be forward and pushy to get anything in life? What happened to the days when all you had to do was be determined and kind, maybe this was never the case? I don’t know!

Recently, all I have seen is people transform, change from being trustworthy, to something quite different, and people say money is the route of all evil, funnily enough; this saying couldn’t be more gospel. This questions our wants and needs for all those materialistic things most of us desire. When one person gets something… another has to do one better. It’s not the want to have something longed for; it’s the want to be the best.

The sad thing is, and in a number of cases this is totally irrelevant; that this is drilled into our heads from a very young age, from TV, Magazines and Peer Pressure. The days I have sat gazing at online designer stores, looking at 500 pound shoes… why is this? Is it that I am attracted to the quality of the shoe, the beautiful wrapping, or just the want for people to go WOW she has Giuseppe Zanotti heels? That’s something I ask myself everyday, but deep down there is a want to for that response, there must be?

I woke up this morning with a whole new view on life, (this sounds incredibly cheesy, I do admit) The Confession of a want-a-holic, wants no more. I don’t want to be the person that spends her whole life wanting, driving her self utterly mad to get something. I want to have and be happy having. I want to wake up each morning open my wardrobe and appreciate every single item that I have, and still love wearing them.

I hear far to many people say they have nothing to wear, unfortunately this phase is a constant reminder of our shopaholic ways, why is that people who have the smallest wardrobes always put together such interesting pieces?.- Personal style maybe. Those who obtain small wardrobes have key items that they wear, cherish and develop. This is only my theory, but for me it makes perfect sense. Those who have full cramped wardrobe are overwhelmed with garments can only be confused. This makes me ponder deeper into why people obsessively buy, could it be entrenched from our lack of confidence, boredom or fear that our lives will never be as good as those fronting the pages of the glossy magazines.

Many people in today’s world conform to the majority when it comes to “fashion” (which I stress with the most importance) is quite different from having “style”. Fashion comes and goes, can be thrown away or be high end designer, its something that becomes a "hype" one minute and a "miss" the next, think top designer bags that are bang on trend for spring '11- being the material or the colour that's fashionable, by Winter '11 its becomes ”old fashioned." Compare this to a Classic tote in a neutral colour, even 15 years down the line, it's still as fresh in style as the day bought; for instance The Classic Chanel 2.55, still as utterly inspiring now as it was in 1955.
It seems like in today's world, our main source of inspiration for our personal style is from magazines and celebrities, this exposes a one way approach to what we should be wearing, and in result everyone looks the same and personal style becomes irrelevant. So I ask my self? Could this be the reason for our wardrobe dysfunction and incapability to create an outfit with what we have, “ I have nothing to wear” should never ever be words used lightly, so next time you do think twice before heading to the high street, there may be something very special lurking at the back of your wardrobe...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Help... Where can I find a floral Jumpsuit?

...I never ever purchased a floral jumpsuit, so I feel its time to show my appreciation, and what better way to show it...

So... The next couple of months are rather busy for me 'for once'. I'll be without my log in details for a few days; no browsing blogs, fashion websites or the dreaded yet ever so addictive facebook... I have a Wedding to attend - Oh yeah! Unfortunately not mine, however much I wish it was...

I am off to a place called Lizard which is down in Cornwall, a quaint little village, located at the most southern point of England.- Just to add, the guesthouse- http://www.penmennerhouse.com/. A beautiful 19th century gentleman’s residence, which is right bang on the seafront. Hopefully I will get some pretty pictures to show you all!

So... unable to find a wedding guest dress, which then changed to a jumpsuit, then again a dress and now back to a jumpsuit, I am yet to find anything that I like..CRY FACE.. Being a pretty country wedding, (Not over the top) I have eliminated all the heavy silky/satin lined materials from my wardrobe - to me they are for gala do's and indoor events only. What I am looking is thin pretty floral jumpsuit that's going to present itself perfectly within the ambiance of cream tea and scones and a picturesque backdrop - Oh yes a pretty wedding with tea and cakes, that's certainly my cup of coffee!

So this evening and this weekend I will be browsing the British high Street to find the perfect outfit- . If you have any ideas or suggestions to help me out that would be fantastic, as I am currently stuck for thought....




Things I Love. The Magical world of Mulberry

In celebration of Mulberry's 40th Birthday, here's comes the most wanted book for the coffee table this season.

After being converted to Mulberry after being given my very first Mulberry clutch bag 5 years ago, I am now a fully fledged fan of the brand, never without my Black Mulberry Tillie, a perfect everyday bag in a colour I know best.

Mulberry: The Book is an inside look at the world of Mulberry, with hundreds of pages full of behind the scenes photography from over the last few years; capturing the British greatness crafted from the factory in Somerset to the beautiful iconic bags seen on some of the worlds most famous women.

A must have book for any fan of pretty imagery, and a love like me; for Mulberry.


Linked Image (


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Things i like. HEAT WAVE. Vogue June Issue 2011

My favourite spread from British Vogue June issue '11.

'Heat Wave'

With its vintage feel, with a small element of a modern twist, Raquel Zimmermann looks every inch the towns steamy hot beauty; with the stylish kitsch prints and bright citrus colours, photographed by Josh Olins, this shot really attracted my eye; whether it be the sun streaked curls or the fuchsia lipstick -this countryside temptress is revealing her inner self and sexuality with these ever so steamy hot poses.

A country girl stuck within a small country town; unable to reveal her true self, she is fully aware of the buzzing city lights awaiting her arrival.


What on earth is a Flatform?....

A combination of platforms and flat shoes, 'flatforms' have been named the shoe of 2011? Really?

With the comfort of flats, flatforms have had some serious fashion backing from the likes of Chanel and Prada at the spring/summer 2011 fashion shows this year.

Thank you Mr Flatform for re-igniting the flat-shoes craze, which, though still going strong, had somewhat mingled  between  androgynous classic brogues and the ever so feminine ballet pumps; we needed a new fad!- and Wala, we have found it!

Ugly?... My first impression was Urgh! No!... Far to ugly to wear with a pretty maxi dress- Elegance does not come on the side of the box for the flatform; I don't particularly like these shoes, far to boisterous for me, but after browsing the high street and various online retailers, I have seen the relevance for these in my life- Height.

 At 5'2 these marvelous creations are a clever masterpiece that adds that required boost. My favourites are the below ' Topshop World Gold Ropes'

 I have somewhat found a soft spot within my heavily critical eye.- "6 inch heels without the agony!" - Marvelous!

Chanel S/S '11

Below Prada Flatform '11

WORLD Gold Rope Cork Wedges

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Round up of the week's trend.

Sunny Delight

I am in love with these Brigitte Sunglasses by Nicole Farhi in the Spring/Summer Collection- definitely on my wish list this spring!...  Taking an old school shape and recreating a cool new feel with the perspex purple frame and lens. Teamed with a great black bikini or white sundress! Absolutely Gorgeous!

Best of the bunch... Wide Leg Trousers

Relaxed, Tailored, Floral, High-Waisted, these trousers have been around on the high street for some time now and they not going anywhere soon, this trend will be continuing its fashion journey straight through to Autumn 2011, so dont be thowing away any items soon. With a 5'2 frame these trousers are quite hard for me to pull off, but if worn correctly with a good heel anyone has potential to look like a 70s style icon.

Types of trousers-

Palazzo Trousers- These trousers are the lounge trousers of the wide leg family; normally associated with  silks, crepe and jersey materials- a big trend on the high street recently is floral print, this look can be dressed up for occasions with a fitted shirt, or Cami tops, worn with heels or sandals. We will be seeing a lot more of these trousers soon, taking patterns to different levels come Autumn.

My favourites are these -

Print Trousers found are Zara

Wide-leg jeans- Fitted at the thigh, with the flare aiming downwards to the knee, a staple garmet in many wardrobes but finding the right shoes to wear seems to be the biggest problem for most people, worn best with wedges rather than stillettos, teamed with a pretty flowing blouse or shirt.

My favorite are these White Rag and Bone flare jeans, a great colour option opposed to the faded denims that are present in most high street shops recently. I also really love the Coral colour in this style too.

Rag & Bone Official Store, RGBN-1524 High Rise Bell - Bright White, rag-bone.com

High Rise Bell Jeans found at Rag&Bone

wide legged sailor pants

Christian Dior S/S11

How to wear wide leg pants?

Unless you have been graced with the height of a super model, this look is best worn with heels, flats will never complete "The Look" as well as heels do, unless the more casual look of Pallazo trousers is required then in which case flat sandals are quite appropiate.

A soft floaty blouse works great, clinched in with a waist belt really draws attention to the silloutte of the body against the flared bottom of the jean.

Wedges, Espadrilles, and Chunky heels sandals all compliment this look beautifully.

Added accesories of chunky bracklets/necklaces and a floppy hats really give a 70s feel to the look.

Lauriella x