Thursday, 12 May 2011

Confession of a Want-a-holic

Confession of a Want-a-holic

So I had a thought today, "If we don’t ask we don’t get", some how this phrase makes me rather angry. Why do we have to be forward and pushy to get anything in life? What happened to the days when all you had to do was be determined and kind, maybe this was never the case? I don’t know!

Recently, all I have seen is people transform, change from being trustworthy, to something quite different, and people say money is the route of all evil, funnily enough; this saying couldn’t be more gospel. This questions our wants and needs for all those materialistic things most of us desire. When one person gets something… another has to do one better. It’s not the want to have something longed for; it’s the want to be the best.

The sad thing is, and in a number of cases this is totally irrelevant; that this is drilled into our heads from a very young age, from TV, Magazines and Peer Pressure. The days I have sat gazing at online designer stores, looking at 500 pound shoes… why is this? Is it that I am attracted to the quality of the shoe, the beautiful wrapping, or just the want for people to go WOW she has Giuseppe Zanotti heels? That’s something I ask myself everyday, but deep down there is a want to for that response, there must be?

I woke up this morning with a whole new view on life, (this sounds incredibly cheesy, I do admit) The Confession of a want-a-holic, wants no more. I don’t want to be the person that spends her whole life wanting, driving her self utterly mad to get something. I want to have and be happy having. I want to wake up each morning open my wardrobe and appreciate every single item that I have, and still love wearing them.

I hear far to many people say they have nothing to wear, unfortunately this phase is a constant reminder of our shopaholic ways, why is that people who have the smallest wardrobes always put together such interesting pieces?.- Personal style maybe. Those who obtain small wardrobes have key items that they wear, cherish and develop. This is only my theory, but for me it makes perfect sense. Those who have full cramped wardrobe are overwhelmed with garments can only be confused. This makes me ponder deeper into why people obsessively buy, could it be entrenched from our lack of confidence, boredom or fear that our lives will never be as good as those fronting the pages of the glossy magazines.

Many people in today’s world conform to the majority when it comes to “fashion” (which I stress with the most importance) is quite different from having “style”. Fashion comes and goes, can be thrown away or be high end designer, its something that becomes a "hype" one minute and a "miss" the next, think top designer bags that are bang on trend for spring '11- being the material or the colour that's fashionable, by Winter '11 its becomes ”old fashioned." Compare this to a Classic tote in a neutral colour, even 15 years down the line, it's still as fresh in style as the day bought; for instance The Classic Chanel 2.55, still as utterly inspiring now as it was in 1955.
It seems like in today's world, our main source of inspiration for our personal style is from magazines and celebrities, this exposes a one way approach to what we should be wearing, and in result everyone looks the same and personal style becomes irrelevant. So I ask my self? Could this be the reason for our wardrobe dysfunction and incapability to create an outfit with what we have, “ I have nothing to wear” should never ever be words used lightly, so next time you do think twice before heading to the high street, there may be something very special lurking at the back of your wardrobe...

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