Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sanderson!

This weekend we headed to The Sanderson Hotel in London for Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea. We arrived all 17 of us in celebration of my good Friend Charlotte's birthday. It was an amazing evening, starting off with gorgeous champagne and fruity cocktails, (Non alcoholic for me... I opted for a lush berry and apple...)

Followed by gorgeous Tea, in an amazing black cauldron tea pot, rainbow coloured sandwiches, traditional English scones with clotted cream, and a selection of desirable cakes, the heart shaped chocolate mousse was lush...

Finishing off we had some ice cream lolly pops to which which exploded in your mouth, hot and cold lollies to which each side you tasted you got a different sensation, and an amazing potion in a brown glass bottle which had 3 different tastes to each sip.... Crazy stuff... Heston Blumenthal would of been proud!

The tea is served in the Hotel's Courtyard and presented on pretty vintage ClaraBows cutlery,
a definite afternoon treat if you are ever in London, especially after a day of shopping,
some of the girls even see Nelly "It's getting Hot in here...." sitting having a cocktail at the bar... I visited the Mondrian in LA last year and you can really see a similarity of decoration within the chain of hotels, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and I hope Charlotte did too! x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Do Neon 2011...Be Bright Be Brave...

The bright neon colours are back...adding bright bold splashes of colour into our wardrobes, wearing these colours may seem a challenge if you don't wish to look like your time warped into the 1980's.... But if you tread carefully and know where to add colour, you will hit the Neon trend straight on the head, without looking like you stepped off a Culture Club video... (I love Culture club by the way...but that's not the look were going for here...) So my thoughts...

Start off small, add hints of colour into your jewellery, hats, belts and shoes- even on your nails or on your lips... Work it with your neutral attires, maybe with your black fitted skirt, or white shirt... (You will be the hit of the office I promise...)
Once you become confident, get cracking on strutting your stuff in bright Dresses, and fitted Satin Capri's, block colour your brights, layer your dresses over with a pink mac... I dare you...

Check out some of my favourite Neon brights I have found-

Baby your a FIREWORK! I love Katy Perry- A great inspiration for all things Bright and Neon... and if your feeling daring, latex- A wadrobe alternative maybe?...

Katy Perry with Neon Bright Purple and Blue her... (Celebrity Crush alert!)

Monsoon Clutch £25 (Love this)

Jimmy Choo Neon Clutch Bag £315 @ Mytheresa (Stunning... How I wish I could afford)

Gossip Girl Blake Lively spotted in this gorgeous Bright Pink Michael Korrs Dress

Aurelie Bidermann Mother of Pearl Bracelet £75 at Netaporter.

Makeup found @ (I love this colour)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Trend Alert - The Quiff is a comb back...

Get the Elnett...Its back.... Its the Quiff, Set for a 2011 return, created in the 1940's; this rockabilly hair style is a definite head turner. From the traditional quiff of Mr Elvis Presley, modern adaptions have been made as seen below, long on top short at the back, worn in a pony tail for a feminine touch, or worn on the side with flowing long hair... The quiff is one of my favourite hair styles around, (personally it doesn't look too great on me) but I love it on girls and guys for that matter (especially ones with thick long way hair, The James Dean look... Utterly gorgeous), it's such a striking look, I can't wait to see some of the looks created within the next few months.

I came across this gorgeous Rockabilly spot dress from ASOS.COM at £40 which I just think sets the outfit for this hair style perfectly. I love this dress!

Trend Alert.... Silky Start to the Season

Get your selves down to your local vintage shop and hunt through the basket full of silk head scarfs... You can never have enough... wear this look on your head as a headband, as a du rag style, or as a simple pony tail, adding a touch of colour around your neck, or around your handbag for instant colour. You can pick up these vintage patterned scarfs from local vintage and charity shops for near on £3- even less, if you know where to look.
Headscarfs are all the rage for 2011, (Head scarfs are not really a trend in that sense) they are an every day accessory for some ladies, but this trend has become one that's going to see the high street full of vintage lady like glamour! Be ahead of the trend invest in some pretty scarfs and wear them STRONG!
I have a beautiful yellow Vivienne Westwood silk scarf I was bought by my best friends for my birthday, I cannot wait to get it out this spring and team it with some bright Yellow Chinos... (That I am on hunt for)


Giles Deacon is teaming up with high street shoe brand Nine West for an autumn/winter 2011/12 capsule collection. Nine West has already teamed with Designer Vivienne Westwood, so its exciting to see what's to come.
The collaberation is part of a new plan to innovate the brand to promote new young designers, muscians and artists, Watch out for this!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Behind the scenes of MLE Video Shoot

Hi Guys, This weekend was the filming of the last scene of the new MLE video, a few exclusive behind the scene photos for you all! Be great to here your feed back of their new song, "I will still be there" The video is set in a nightclub where I play the naughty girlfriend who meets an "Utter rocker" in the club and goes home with him leaving her unfortunate boyfriend in the club behind... The morning after shows the after effect of the night... which appears to be a quite naughty! I cannot wait to see the full edit, by the fabulous Amy Lightowler who did a fantastic job of putting it all together.

Please check out their My Space Page Also find them on Twitter @ MLEBAND.
Add me up on FB - Laura Jones for even more behind the scenes photos, and the lovely work from our expert team of hair and makeup stylists, and full band and team.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

My love for the Kimono

Kimono - A Japanese traditional T Shaped straight lined robe, wrapped around the body (always with the left hand side over the right) and secured with an Obi (Sash) which is tied at the back.

After searching for for Kimono's on the web this week, I came across this amazing website with the greatest selection of Kimono's I have ever seen, they have a section on how to fold them which is absolutely fascinating...the amount of folds is mind blowing....

I am on a hunt to find a plain black kimono to wear around the house, a kind of "Carrie Bradshaw" look for getting ready before a night out, the silk just adds such glamour, definitely what you want wrapped around you whilst putting on your makeup....These Kimono's are utterly stunning and having looked more in depth at the pure beauty of them, I am seriously considering teaming with a pair of gorgeous heels, and heading out on the town....

Check out the gorgeous selection of Kimono's, Obi's and Haoris's on the website below!

Friday, 21 January 2011



Enter HappyUO at the checkout!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Fashion in film- True Romance

After seeing this film last year, only by randomly picking it up in HMV after being attracted to the front cover, browsing the "T" files, I was addicted to the character Alabama played by Patrica Arquette; in her hot pink leopard leggings, blue wayfarers and striking blonde hair, instantly I wanted to look like her.

One for the look book- I'll be channelling this look into my casual lounge wear this Spring, even the blue patent belt is bang on trend for the Summer '11. Ditch the rule book for once, and live a little... 'Alabama Style'... Everyone needs a bit of pink leopard print in their lives...

I found this on my searches for some inspired Leopard print! Oh hello!.... I like this...

A|Wear Play suit £35

Check out my blog post for some more legging inspiration.

A Kiss of Sparkle

A Brooch Invest in one keep it in your Jewelery box, one day it might just save your outfit. Wear it in your hair, attach to a hair band, add it to a ribbon wear in a plait; use it to draw together the material of your dress, when it "just doesn't fit right"... a broach is a tool that works to create a look, with the added chunk of elegance...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

What is Personal Style?

I wake up each morning, faced with the same problem.... What am I to wear?..

So what is "Personal Style?"

Here is my take on what I believe Personal Style is...

Do you know when you wake up in the morning and something clicks, or your walking along the street and you instantly remember an old jumper that you had from 5 years ago, bought for £5 and threw to the back of your wardrobe... Well wear them with them new black skinny Capri's, an old vintage neck scarf, worn to your personal taste, add some sparkly costume jewelery and wala... you have just cracked it.

Personal style is a way of putting yourself together that allows your own personal choices and tastes to reveal their self, Influences from what inspires you, being your lifestyle and various historical inspirations.

Many people in today's world conform to the majority when it comes to "Fashion" which I stress with the most importance is quite different from having "Style". Fashion comes and goes, can be thrown away or be high end designer, its something that becomes a "hype" one minute and a "miss" the next, think top designer bags that are bang on trend for spring '11being the material or the colour that's fashionable, by Winter '11 its become"old fashioned." Compare this to a Classic tote in a neutral colour, even 15 years down the line, it's still as fresh in style as the day bought; for instance The Classic Chanel 2.55, still as utterly inspiring now as it was in 1955.

It seems like in today's world, our main source of inspiration for our personal style is from magazines and celebrities, which portrays a one way approach to what we should be wearing, as a result everyone looks the same. The amount of people I have seen wearing the "Velvet Jumpsuit" - I love velvet and I love jumpsuits, just give this to me in 5 years time when it's not on every fashion store floor, being abused by fashion addicts in a state of hysteria, If you have ever been into Oxford Street's top fashion store on a Saturday lunch time, you will know the fashion frenzy types.

So the next time you think about what to purchase from the next magazine you buy, think... "Am I buying this to follow the fashion trend, or am I buying this because it reflects my own personal style."

"Self confidence, is a feeling of bliss, from the moment you walk out the front door, and you know you look great, even before anyone says you do, and if said otherwise, you wouldn't even care" So next time you think "What shall I wear?!" think twice before heading the the high street, there may be something very special lurking in your wardrobe...

What is Personal Style?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Top Picks from Urban Outfitter Winter Sale

Some of the most stylish glamazons are living it up on a dime. They just know how to reinvent a look with a belt or wearing their hair in another way...

Rachel Zoe.

Top Picks from Urban Outfitter Winter Sale

Pins & Needles Chiffon Button Tunic Was £45 now £30.
This tunic is right on trend for Spring/Summer '11 and its now in the sale!

Front Zip Play suit £52 now £20
This play suit will take you straight into Spring '11's Sport Luxe trend!

BDG Preppy Cardigan £32 now £10

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fashion for film, The famous Rouge Noir- Pulp Fiction 1994

Originally "Rouge Noir," Parisian fashion house Chanel launched a dark red and black nail color called "Vamp." It was created to be the same colour as dried blood. Originating straight off of a runway in 1994, the colour went public and on to be called one of the most in-demand products of Chanel’s history.

"if I had a penny for everyone that wanted Vamp, I'd be rich. It's literally flying out of the store. In my 11 years with Chanel, I've never seen anything like this." Chanel rep Judy Biasalli

Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, the wife of mob kingpin Marsellus. With a passion for dance, and with a cigarette between her fingers and drink vanilla shake, Mia’s look was based on the Danish actress Anna Karina, who possessed an equal dark bob and sultriness. When women saw Wallace’s short dark nails, a new trend was born. It became almost impossible to find the famous hue, Chanel Rouge Noir nail vanish was an instant sell out.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Makeup look 1- A sea of Blue.

You may be aware that I am currently training to become a makeup artist, my ambition in life is to work as a fashion stylist, but as an evening hobby I thought to add more depth into the the knowledge i have in the fashion industry by getting qualified in applying makeup. I

I tend to get a bit carried away when creating a look on a client, I often disregard the appropriate look and spin into my own little world where my creative side takes over... with a lot of glitter. I wear majority black clothing, so wearing bold bright colours come second nature to me... I can see why others may tend to keep away from me and my makeup brush...

Here is one of my first looks I created on my good friend Samantha. I think she looks beautiful, the colour on the eyes mirrors well with the fuchsia pink lipstick.

I love the Turquoise blue on Sam's lovely blue eyes, Spring '11 is all about intense blue splashes in clothing, based on that I thought to bring it to the face. I added some loose glitter onto the eyes, which in fairness looking back I could have improved in certain areas. I did some corrective work on the bottom lip to give a more fuller look to match the top.

I used a Terry Foundation from Space NK which glided on Sam's face beautifully, I then used a small amount of Concealer (from my kit) to conceal the small area of dark circle around Sam's eyes. I Fished the eyeshadow of which was one by H&M called "Turquoise", then defined the lower lid with Mac "So There Jade" eye crayon.

I used Illamasqua "Eye Brow Cake" to define Sam's already perfectly groomed eyebrow's.

I finished with lining the lip with a darker shade of lip liner (from my kit) and finished the lips with Illamasqua "Welt" lipstick.

A tad of blusher (from kit) and Wala!

Braids are Back, the girlier the better.

The gorgeous Ballerina braid spotted at Erdem

Wrapped around the head, Milk maid plaits, messy braids, braids are back! Team with added embellished hair accessories, for a girly glitzy spin! Braids are here for 2011!

Eres for Longchamp!

The La Pliage bag by Eres for Longchamp, a thank you in return from Eres for designing a capsule line of bikinis. I am a huge fan of the La Pliage bag, My every day army green has my life in it!

I couldn't wait to get a glimpse of the new design!

These bags are available at Selfridges.

The sleeveless tailered jacket. Spring '11

**FASHION ALERT **The wonder piece of Spring! Invest Now!

Team with skinny jeans, black trousers, for a gorgeous evening look!
Look at high street stores such as Next and Topshop for on trend designs!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Celebrity Outfit Crush!

My first favorite of 2011!

I love this look on Whitney!  This dress is gorgeous; both the texture and bold shoulders on her teal shimmering dress are stunning. Whitney accessorized with a gold statement necklace to her fashion forward look along with a Lauren Merkin’s ‘Iris’ clutch, Her infamous high bun and nude strappy sandals completed her look.

Shoe Fetish Monday

ASOS ALLEGRA Suede Peep Toe Wedge Lace Up Boot £65

Friday, 7 January 2011

Pastel Perfection

Delicious ice-cream shades

Green Enamel Bracelet £14.99 River Island
Pastel Green Paper Bag Shorts £68 The Outnet
Models Own Nail Polish £12 ASOS
Blue Cable Knit Jumper £38 Topshop
Pink Swimsuit £125 Miu Miu

Confession's of a Want-a-holic

There is nothing wrong with having an alter ego, mine is Lauriella, and her view on life is quite different to the one she has.

So I had a thought today, "If we don’t ask we don’t get". Some how this phase makes me quite angry; why do we have to ask and be forward and pushy to get anything in life? What happened to the days when all you had to do was be determined and kind, maybe this was never the case…? I don’t know?

Recently, all I have seen is people transform, change from being trustworthy, to something quite different, and people say money is the route of all evil, funnily enough; this saying couldn’t be anymore true. This questions the want and need for all those materialistic things we desire; when one person gets something… another has to do one better. It’s not the want to have something longed for; it’s the want to be the best.

The sad thing is, and some may differ, and in a number of cases this is totally irrelevant; this is drilled into our heads from a very young age, from TV, Magazines and peer pressure, the days I sit gazing online designer stores, looking at 500 pound shoes… why is this? Is it I am attracted to the shoe, the wrapping, or just the want for people to go WOW she has Giuseppe Zanotti heels, that’s something I ask myself daily, but deep down there is a want to for that response, there must be?

I woke up this morning with a whole new view on life, (sounds incredibly cheesy, I do admit) but I did, and for that, I have added to my Resolution’s of 2011- to become less materialistic. Confession of a want-a-holic, the type that doesn’t buy but actually spends her life wanting, and driving her self utter mad to get. Is this just me?

Lauriella will live on… but only online.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet

My Idea of finding harmony in my closet and my love life

Everyone, every year has a New Year’s resolution, if we stick to it is another thing…

By the middle of January we are back to our old ways, over indulging, in food, drink, and for me clothes!

A little test for my self… which is going to be almost impossible due to the fact my life consists of fashion; is to eat more fruit, drink more water… (Boring) and to stop the unnecessary spending on clothes, shoes and other “random stuff” that my money goes on… I have no actual evidence to what on to be fair, The latter one is probably going to be broke by half 12 today, even the word clothes sends me into a spiral of fashion appetite that needs fulfilling and the need to type in “ASOS” into my browse bar, well… I probably wouldn’t even need to type; it’s in my favourites… (You know it’s bad when the delivery guy knows you by first name) Opps.

Clutter, that’s the only setback to having far to much clothes, When you are a neat freak and have a wardrobe half the size for the amount of clothes you have, the neatness, isn’t neat anymore. It lingers on beds, dressing tables, door handles and mirrors. So revising my new year’s resolution on writing this, I have now decided, we can have more clothes; (Because really it’s never going to work, if you love fashion) we just need to have the practical equipment to keep them in order, to be exact “A Wardrobe Utopia” -a secret place to store my treasure.

So starting by a wardrobe cleanse, a Carrie Bradshaw cleanse as I call it, with colour co-ordination categorised attire, and a lighted shoe ledge to display my collection of heels… with crystal glass mirrors and a white leather stool on top of the thick shag carpet, beneath. “My Boudoir”

There he is, he attempts to walk in, well only to the door, he knows wearing black polished brogues, and walking on my carpet, doesn't go down well, so he stands there, in his tailored suit, leaning his tanned head of thick dark hair against my glossy white panelled door. While strapping up my new Christian Louboutin heels; in his deep manly tone he speaks “Dinner is booked for half 8, Darling”. I grab my matching LB Clutch and apply once again my mademoiselle lipstick, a quick twirl of approval from the mirror, I dash out the door flicking my hair Effortlessly. Perfect.

I got "carried" away there, sorry! Get it? Poor Joke…

(Real world – I run back because I probably left the hair straightener’s on)

And there we have it my New Year’s Resolution; my ideal of wardrobe heaven, with a tad of masculinity. Once the wardrobe is fully functional, then I can set my goal on finding my Mr Big.

Good Luck for 2011 and all your aspirations!