Saturday, 22 January 2011

My love for the Kimono

Kimono - A Japanese traditional T Shaped straight lined robe, wrapped around the body (always with the left hand side over the right) and secured with an Obi (Sash) which is tied at the back.

After searching for for Kimono's on the web this week, I came across this amazing website with the greatest selection of Kimono's I have ever seen, they have a section on how to fold them which is absolutely fascinating...the amount of folds is mind blowing....

I am on a hunt to find a plain black kimono to wear around the house, a kind of "Carrie Bradshaw" look for getting ready before a night out, the silk just adds such glamour, definitely what you want wrapped around you whilst putting on your makeup....These Kimono's are utterly stunning and having looked more in depth at the pure beauty of them, I am seriously considering teaming with a pair of gorgeous heels, and heading out on the town....

Check out the gorgeous selection of Kimono's, Obi's and Haoris's on the website below!

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