Friday, 7 January 2011

Confession's of a Want-a-holic

There is nothing wrong with having an alter ego, mine is Lauriella, and her view on life is quite different to the one she has.

So I had a thought today, "If we don’t ask we don’t get". Some how this phase makes me quite angry; why do we have to ask and be forward and pushy to get anything in life? What happened to the days when all you had to do was be determined and kind, maybe this was never the case…? I don’t know?

Recently, all I have seen is people transform, change from being trustworthy, to something quite different, and people say money is the route of all evil, funnily enough; this saying couldn’t be anymore true. This questions the want and need for all those materialistic things we desire; when one person gets something… another has to do one better. It’s not the want to have something longed for; it’s the want to be the best.

The sad thing is, and some may differ, and in a number of cases this is totally irrelevant; this is drilled into our heads from a very young age, from TV, Magazines and peer pressure, the days I sit gazing online designer stores, looking at 500 pound shoes… why is this? Is it I am attracted to the shoe, the wrapping, or just the want for people to go WOW she has Giuseppe Zanotti heels, that’s something I ask myself daily, but deep down there is a want to for that response, there must be?

I woke up this morning with a whole new view on life, (sounds incredibly cheesy, I do admit) but I did, and for that, I have added to my Resolution’s of 2011- to become less materialistic. Confession of a want-a-holic, the type that doesn’t buy but actually spends her life wanting, and driving her self utter mad to get. Is this just me?

Lauriella will live on… but only online.

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