Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Makeup look 1- A sea of Blue.

You may be aware that I am currently training to become a makeup artist, my ambition in life is to work as a fashion stylist, but as an evening hobby I thought to add more depth into the the knowledge i have in the fashion industry by getting qualified in applying makeup. I

I tend to get a bit carried away when creating a look on a client, I often disregard the appropriate look and spin into my own little world where my creative side takes over... with a lot of glitter. I wear majority black clothing, so wearing bold bright colours come second nature to me... I can see why others may tend to keep away from me and my makeup brush...

Here is one of my first looks I created on my good friend Samantha. I think she looks beautiful, the colour on the eyes mirrors well with the fuchsia pink lipstick.

I love the Turquoise blue on Sam's lovely blue eyes, Spring '11 is all about intense blue splashes in clothing, based on that I thought to bring it to the face. I added some loose glitter onto the eyes, which in fairness looking back I could have improved in certain areas. I did some corrective work on the bottom lip to give a more fuller look to match the top.

I used a Terry Foundation from Space NK which glided on Sam's face beautifully, I then used a small amount of Concealer (from my kit) to conceal the small area of dark circle around Sam's eyes. I Fished the eyeshadow of which was one by H&M called "Turquoise", then defined the lower lid with Mac "So There Jade" eye crayon.

I used Illamasqua "Eye Brow Cake" to define Sam's already perfectly groomed eyebrow's.

I finished with lining the lip with a darker shade of lip liner (from my kit) and finished the lips with Illamasqua "Welt" lipstick.

A tad of blusher (from kit) and Wala!

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