Thursday, 6 January 2011

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet

My Idea of finding harmony in my closet and my love life

Everyone, every year has a New Year’s resolution, if we stick to it is another thing…

By the middle of January we are back to our old ways, over indulging, in food, drink, and for me clothes!

A little test for my self… which is going to be almost impossible due to the fact my life consists of fashion; is to eat more fruit, drink more water… (Boring) and to stop the unnecessary spending on clothes, shoes and other “random stuff” that my money goes on… I have no actual evidence to what on to be fair, The latter one is probably going to be broke by half 12 today, even the word clothes sends me into a spiral of fashion appetite that needs fulfilling and the need to type in “ASOS” into my browse bar, well… I probably wouldn’t even need to type; it’s in my favourites… (You know it’s bad when the delivery guy knows you by first name) Opps.

Clutter, that’s the only setback to having far to much clothes, When you are a neat freak and have a wardrobe half the size for the amount of clothes you have, the neatness, isn’t neat anymore. It lingers on beds, dressing tables, door handles and mirrors. So revising my new year’s resolution on writing this, I have now decided, we can have more clothes; (Because really it’s never going to work, if you love fashion) we just need to have the practical equipment to keep them in order, to be exact “A Wardrobe Utopia” -a secret place to store my treasure.

So starting by a wardrobe cleanse, a Carrie Bradshaw cleanse as I call it, with colour co-ordination categorised attire, and a lighted shoe ledge to display my collection of heels… with crystal glass mirrors and a white leather stool on top of the thick shag carpet, beneath. “My Boudoir”

There he is, he attempts to walk in, well only to the door, he knows wearing black polished brogues, and walking on my carpet, doesn't go down well, so he stands there, in his tailored suit, leaning his tanned head of thick dark hair against my glossy white panelled door. While strapping up my new Christian Louboutin heels; in his deep manly tone he speaks “Dinner is booked for half 8, Darling”. I grab my matching LB Clutch and apply once again my mademoiselle lipstick, a quick twirl of approval from the mirror, I dash out the door flicking my hair Effortlessly. Perfect.

I got "carried" away there, sorry! Get it? Poor Joke…

(Real world – I run back because I probably left the hair straightener’s on)

And there we have it my New Year’s Resolution; my ideal of wardrobe heaven, with a tad of masculinity. Once the wardrobe is fully functional, then I can set my goal on finding my Mr Big.

Good Luck for 2011 and all your aspirations!