Sunday, 16 January 2011

What is Personal Style?

I wake up each morning, faced with the same problem.... What am I to wear?..

So what is "Personal Style?"

Here is my take on what I believe Personal Style is...

Do you know when you wake up in the morning and something clicks, or your walking along the street and you instantly remember an old jumper that you had from 5 years ago, bought for £5 and threw to the back of your wardrobe... Well wear them with them new black skinny Capri's, an old vintage neck scarf, worn to your personal taste, add some sparkly costume jewelery and wala... you have just cracked it.

Personal style is a way of putting yourself together that allows your own personal choices and tastes to reveal their self, Influences from what inspires you, being your lifestyle and various historical inspirations.

Many people in today's world conform to the majority when it comes to "Fashion" which I stress with the most importance is quite different from having "Style". Fashion comes and goes, can be thrown away or be high end designer, its something that becomes a "hype" one minute and a "miss" the next, think top designer bags that are bang on trend for spring '11being the material or the colour that's fashionable, by Winter '11 its become"old fashioned." Compare this to a Classic tote in a neutral colour, even 15 years down the line, it's still as fresh in style as the day bought; for instance The Classic Chanel 2.55, still as utterly inspiring now as it was in 1955.

It seems like in today's world, our main source of inspiration for our personal style is from magazines and celebrities, which portrays a one way approach to what we should be wearing, as a result everyone looks the same. The amount of people I have seen wearing the "Velvet Jumpsuit" - I love velvet and I love jumpsuits, just give this to me in 5 years time when it's not on every fashion store floor, being abused by fashion addicts in a state of hysteria, If you have ever been into Oxford Street's top fashion store on a Saturday lunch time, you will know the fashion frenzy types.

So the next time you think about what to purchase from the next magazine you buy, think... "Am I buying this to follow the fashion trend, or am I buying this because it reflects my own personal style."

"Self confidence, is a feeling of bliss, from the moment you walk out the front door, and you know you look great, even before anyone says you do, and if said otherwise, you wouldn't even care" So next time you think "What shall I wear?!" think twice before heading the the high street, there may be something very special lurking in your wardrobe...


Fashionista-on-a-budget said...

This is so true. I need to stop being such a fashion victim. I actually own a velvet jumpsuit, haha. x

Lauriella said...

haha! xx I do love a bit of Velvet! xx