Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fashion for film, The famous Rouge Noir- Pulp Fiction 1994

Originally "Rouge Noir," Parisian fashion house Chanel launched a dark red and black nail color called "Vamp." It was created to be the same colour as dried blood. Originating straight off of a runway in 1994, the colour went public and on to be called one of the most in-demand products of Chanel’s history.

"if I had a penny for everyone that wanted Vamp, I'd be rich. It's literally flying out of the store. In my 11 years with Chanel, I've never seen anything like this." Chanel rep Judy Biasalli

Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, the wife of mob kingpin Marsellus. With a passion for dance, and with a cigarette between her fingers and drink vanilla shake, Mia’s look was based on the Danish actress Anna Karina, who possessed an equal dark bob and sultriness. When women saw Wallace’s short dark nails, a new trend was born. It became almost impossible to find the famous hue, Chanel Rouge Noir nail vanish was an instant sell out.