Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Marcel Wanders for Mac 2010

Beauty experts MAC have teamed up with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to produce a gorgeous range of products with a sleek, architectural design.
Marcel Wanders is a house-hold name in design circles, but pretty well unheard of in the world of cosmetics, quite a daring collaboration some may say, many in the cosmetic industry would probably never have heard of this amazing designer, I had to do my research, and I have to say (Not being that clued up of contemporary and architectural design) I do find his work is pretty amazing.

Like all Mac special holiday collaborations the products are limited edition and the packaging super sleek and gorgeous.


If there is anything I ask for this christmas that will bring such joy to my ears, are these Mawi Red tear Drop Skull earrings... Sigh....

Rihanna Cover's Interview Mag

Rihanna has landed the cover of Interview magazine's December issue, I love Rihanna and I cant wait to fully read this interview by Kanye West, She looks absolutely gorgeous nestled up against flowers and wearing rose-colored glasses paired with large blue crystal earrings by YSL!

Stunning in this Red Valentino dress

Shoes by Lanvin, Rihanna looks spectacular in this Jill Sander dress ( I love this shot)

Stunning in this Louis Vuitton Dress, Shoes and Cuff

Rihanna's take on her style- "I probably see a lot of menswear, or something extremely, extremely feminine. But I like to play with both. It would have to be so extreme that it's a look, because I don't usu­ally like typical ladylike, girly-girly stuff. It would be a look if I were to do it. I always like something that's a little off, so it's just not typical or expected."

Rihanna's take on her vulnerability- "I think a lot of people have a misconception of me. They only see the tough, defensive, aggressive side. But every woman is vulnerable. So of course I am going to have that side. . . . I just don’t like people to see me cry."—Rihanna

Information sourced from Interview magazine

Forever 21 Fav's

Here are my Forever 21 Fav's of the day!

Vogue July 1988- My born day birthday Vogue issue UK.
Photographed by Patrick De Marchelier
Its snowing heavy in London Town!

You have probably seen this photos some where on the net, but i found them on my laptop the other day and had to put them up, Kylie Minogue looks to beautiful. I love the PVC black dress too much!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Opulence Luxury Lashes by Ilamasqua ( My favourite shop- It was about time I posted something...)
How stunning are these..
Today is the day we realise its less that a month until christmas, and we havnt even started our present shoppings... Oppps...

Video: Warpaint, "Elephants"

Love them! Check it out...

Gorgeous!- I am loving this mink blouson sleeved dress with belt, so pretty team it with a pair of black thigh length suede boots thick tights and a black floppy hair! Stunning.

£38 ASOS!

Enchanted Faerie...

This weekend, I was invited by my Friend Leanne to be the face for her makeup shoot, this one was shot on my phone pre studio, Once I get hold of the photographs I will put them on to show you all, Loved my day at the London College of Fashion, I felt so grateful to have been asked!...

Check out Leanne's Blog http://leannerf.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Buy LANVIN All of Albers girls notebook from Matches Fashion

I have already started to think of what my new years resolution will be, I have come to conclude I need to write more, I love writing, I just find it incredible hard to express in words what I want to say, I came across this note book by Lanvin the other day, and if this doesn't get me set for conquering my resolution I don't know what will...

Buy LANVIN All of Albers girls notebook from Matches Fashion

2011- Floral's. Love this. (Sorry all for the random photos, I would write a indepth post but I am seriously suffering of illness today).... So I will give you some imagery instead... I love the clash of blue and red in this skirt/blouse combination from the Cruise collection of Just Cavalli.
Bring on the summer I say!

Lace and Leather

Leather and Lace... such a beautiful contrast of material, I had to put this up purely for the reason that I love everything about this photograph and being such a fan of all things leather and all things lace, it had to be done, from the drape of the material and the heavy contract of the black leather boots with zip detailing. Love it. This photograph has a very hidden innocence about it, yet the harshness of the boots automatically portray it to be heavy and erotic, Absolutely Brilliant.

Good Enough To Eat

Artist Sung Yeonju has created an amazing display of dresses made entirely from food, The series titled 'Wearable Foods' has been created to portrayal food in its raw state...- Absolutely amazing.
Style inspiration of the day

Photos of natalie k zink magazine

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nicki Minaj - Muny *Leak* (Pink Friday) [HQ] MASTERD VERSION

Orelia Sierra Bracelet...

How gorgeous, I had my eye on this stunning piece of costume jewellery the other day, featuring semi precious Amazonite, turquoise and Sapphire stones, at £50 its not pocket friendly as such, but it's definitely something you will find yourself never taking off...
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever... John Keats


The next event is at the the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange on Sunday 28 November. We've got over 60 exhibitors selling a complete cross section of vintage clothing and accessories from the 1900s right up to 1980s with affordable prices from as little as just a pound or two up to designer items for a little bit more.

Since Frock Me! started 8 years ago it has inspired numerous imitations and has become an institution - the fashion world's favourite vintage event!

Admission £4, Students £2.


Check it out above, for January 2011 dates at Chelsea Town Hall .

Thé Bergamot

This weekend I am trying to find time to visit to The Miller Harris Fragrant Tea rooms in Bruton Street Mayfair, I love tea, it's my favourite drink ever, even over a small vodka truth be known... Hmmm...

I came across this pretty little Fragrant tea room, that offers the opportunity to experience the elegant ritual of taking tea the other day, you can enjoy 6 exquisite blends of tea, my favourite sounding being "The Bergamot" (Doesn't it sound beautiful) which is blended with top notes of bergamot and tangerine green.
Compliment with a rose cupcake available on the pretty cake stand and you will feel every inch a lady of luxury...

Kate Kanzier

Kate Kanzier
Pretty feathers of your feet...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The reason I created a blog...

Why did I start a blog spot... Mainly to just write about my love for fashion, putting little posts up of things I find inspiring to me... Who would of thought it, now with a serious addiction to posting on here, my new hobby, is my new life, its like my new home, unless I have my laptop on me and I'm sitting writing away, I feel lost, trapped, and out of it...
I started blogging back in July, I had no clue what a blog was really for, I just browsed through hundreds daily looking at "really cool" pictures of people posting photos of them self's from lookbook... everyone dressed amazing, taking perfect photos, with the best constructed blogs and a trillion of blogger fans...
So there I started, and I kept going, I joined blogger communities, and browsed for endless hours on google to work out how to make a "Better blog" - Ironically there is no term 'better', Better is a personal taste, some people may like it others wont. I am quite happy with my outcome this November I have had over 2500 people across the globe giving my blog a little clicking, and that's a humbling well deserved feeling.
I am not a fashion blogger, a fashion student, or do I work in the fashion industry, I am a girl sitting on her computer from her living room with Hollyoaks in the background, writing about fashion in my own way, with not the best grammar and phasing.- I was always told I write how I speak, which makes it near impossible for all you readers out there to actually understand the way I am actually talking... (My Yay's, and Wows, and Oppp's probably drive you mental, and im sorry... Oppp's... See!)
In school I hated speaking aloud, I couldn't read from a text book to a class, it made me sick to the stomach, the thought of everyone listening to you! (Urghhh) This tickles me, because now if I had the chance I would stand up sing and probably give you a little dance too, while reading an extract with my many different voices.
Funny how you grow up and realise that nothing really matters isn't it? As long as you are happy and work hard, and realise nothing is perfect, I like to say... A line is a line, a circle is a circle, if a line tried to be a circle it would get nowhere, going round and around never actually finding anything.... (Does that make sense... I don't think it does, but in my brain it does)
I wish I worked in fashion, every bit of my body is eagerly awaiting a "chance" I have no doubt one day I will get there, with or without a degree under my belt. Though I am a firm believer if you pursue your dreams they will come true. I kick my self some days and think why didn't I go to university and study fashion, but at the time, you go with whats right, and for me that was getting a job, and learning some well needed life skills....
I wish everyone who is reading this right now, the most luck in the world, work hard because I can promise you now, things do come of it, I am still awaiting my chance... and I have no worry in one day, maybe not this century...but someday, something will come of it.
Much Love

Who needs jewellery when you have diamonds on your bra straps

As we have seen recently, there is a huge trend at present of wearing lingerie as outerwear AKA Loungerie, as seen in the 1980s with the courtesy of ripped stockings and lacy bras revealing them self's everywhere, the everlasting continuation circle of trend seems to be back again, I find this a really good look, I actually love teaming my sheer black panelled leggings with all black jumpers cut at the shoulder to reveal a bit of bra strap... (Some people say wrong, I beg to differ...)
We have also seen a great deal of baby doll sheer dresses being worn (such a pretty look), with harsh black biker jackets and statement lips! Gorgeous!
This look seems to been everywhere and I doubt it to be one to ever die out, just look at tights at the moment in the shops, the usual black opaque is being replaced on the shelves for pattened stockings think Henry Holland for Pretty Polly, check out the tiger print sequin tights in my previous posts. What was once an accessory, now a statement piece. Who needs jewellery when you have diamonds on your bra straps....

Double hair knot

So what is it? I did ask my self... but news on the town, its soon to be the much wanted hair style of 2011, keep your embellished headbands in your drawers, Au natural hair is all the rage for next year!

To create...

Pull a thick section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part
Finally, take back two sections of hair and tie into a knot - then again into a double knot

I haven't tried it my self, going to give it a go tonight! Let me know if anyone masters it... (I am useless)
Just showing my appreciation for this picture, from the 2010 December Vogue shoot with Karlie Kloss. Too Perfect.

every good girl has a little bit of a rebel in them...

Married to the Mob Holiday 2010 collection

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

A few of my favourite pieces from the collection

Knit Luxury- Say good bye to boring knits

Love the drop arms on this jumper!

Janelle Monáe (feat. Big Boi) TightRope Official Video

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)

My first Christmas post...

Well Well Well.. Isn’t it getting nippy… But I am so massively excited that it’s the 25th November and that means one thing… this time next month it’s Christmas! I am so excited! I love Christmas time; I have even bought mince pies and naughtily been eating them daily with my cup of English breakfast… Ooops… I haven’t even purchased an advent calendar yet… Shock Horror!

Have I said I love Christmas, not only is it majorly cold; resulting in us to snuggle up in layers and thermals, with an array of woolly knit scarf’s, snoods, capes and wraps (Material overload) No co-ordination of attire needed… it also means we can sit in doors and eat drink and be merry, snuggling on our sofa, watching our favourite television programmes… Perfect.

News flash- In London we are probable to a bit of Snow this weekend, (I am no Michael Fish but I'm not edging my bets, a bit of slosh (as I call it on the pavements) is not getting me out of bed to find a sledge and steep hill… However we can all hope that we get 9 inches this weekend, though I highly doubt it. Please refrain from laughing at the non intended pun.

Back to the fashion, which is really where I was trying to get…? I am on hunt this weekend to find some majorly warm jumpers, as I mentioned in my other posts,
I don’t like muted colours, which is a bit of a pain at the moment because all I seem to find is browns, greys and an array of beige. So this weekend after the really exciting photo shoot that I am taking part in for my friend Leanne, I am going to head to London’s Oxford Street and hunt down some exciting bright purple/pink and electric blue Knit Jumpers to wear with my ever so boring yet practical leggings, jeggings... or what ever they are now officially called…

What does Christmas fashion mean to you? Ohh I forgot to mention my hunt for a gorgeous Christmas knit... A bright red one, with a Christmas tree and pom-pom balls as decorations…Pretty please…

I have an obsession with...

If only people dressed and danced like this now...Bring back 70s Disco pretty please... Then I will have an excuse to buy a Gold Lame Halston Dress...