Monday, 15 November 2010

My top of the tops, Marvelous.

I have been in desperate search of some 'different' tops to wear with my denim shorts and jeans for an every day look.

On my weekly shopping trips all I seem to find is knit knit knit. I love knit, but seriously I am getting rather bored of the various colours of knit lining every high street shop. I have limited my self to buying two knits this winter, one in black and one in beige.

I am a huge fan of layering; starting with a basic tee first, then something more elaborate on top, then a wrap or my black biker jacket. I do not cope well with knit, unless it is worn solely on its own, I suffer with extreme hot sweats and too much around the neck area causes serious heated havoc on my travels...

So... on browsing for some new elaborate tops to wear over the basic tee... I found some of these, check them out!

Both tops were found at Urban Outfitters, costing around £30-40. I am still on hunt to find some more, and as soon as I do, i will update you all with my findings.

Good night x

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