Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pretty shoes, happy feet.

Ballet Pumps! I love mine... When I first started ballet, I visited London's Covent garden to have my ballet shoes fitted perfectly, I was surrounded by pretty little girls trotting around the store on Pointe, it really makes me wish I started ballet at a younger age... instead of 22...


So I guess it's that time of the year for us British folk, where we are questioned each morning with what to wear on or feet... "Is it boot weather? Shall I pull out the Uggs? Or maybe the ballet pumps?..." You end up wearing the pumps in the end and having wet soggy feet time you reach destination b, Classy... Not."

Is anyone else a fashion victim to Ballet pumps and thick socks? It's a NO NO Isn't it? It may keep your feet warm, but it stretches the dainty leather and they become baggy and shapeless; Spring comes, you pair your pumps with pretty little tea dress and your shoes; are now 3 sizes too big... But I carry on doing it... and I doubt I will ever learn!

So...I have my eye on the Chanel pumps; however I cannot justify buying such exquisite flats when I walk in a way that my poor shoes probably get dizzy, all because of the way I walk. Apart from my lust for all things Chanel, (How I do love Chanel) the high street do a tremendous selection of ballet pumps too, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Office, even Primark for throw away fashion, do some of the best pumps around, I have a pair in my wardrobe that are 100 functional with a pretty dress- It's the way you put things together, you can deceive the most sceptical eye.

French Sole and Pretty Ballerina are brilliant too, they have the prettiest pumps, in every colour and style, and I particularly love the style Henrietta by French Sole- toe cleavage seduction at it's best.

Tips when shopping for ballet pumps-

1) If you wear them regularly, (3 x week) invest in a good pair with a good sole and good leather in a classic colour.
2) Find the sole with the lowest/thinnest heel you can. - They look the chicest.
3) Toe cleavage is cute, but not too much, a little bit of toe seduction is plenty.
4) Make sure the toe isn't too rounded; this can make you look shorter and often makes the shoe look cheap.

Black Satin Bow Ballet pump now £12 @ Miss Selfridge - Click link on right hand side to browse all pumps! A great buy for popping in your work bag for travelling in.

Tory Birch Gold Pump £170 @ Selfridges - Check out my link on the right hand panel for more of the Tory Birch Collection.
Camel and Black trim ballet pumps French Sole for Topshop £95.

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Tereza Anton said...

Pretty shoes, happy feet. This is so cute.
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