Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fashion for Film- Desperately Seeking Susan

Every woman had thought about it: Why can't I wear this bra in public?

From black dresses paired with leggings to men's trousers with uncovered lacy bras to rhinestone boots to even men's briefs, beads, crosses, bracelets and a whole load of bleached out hair! Madonna was so super sexy and daring, it's not even needed to point out what a sensation she became, since an entire expression was invented for her squad of impersonates: "Madonna-wanna-be."

I watched this film on Saturday night and really enjoyed the fashion that was shown, it really inspired me! I wasn't too sure on the story line, but Madonna played a great fashion icon, my favourite item being the studded boots and the iconic Pyramid jacket designed by Santo Loquasto,worn by Madonna's Character Susan as seen below.

This movie is definitely for all 80s fashion lovers- Check it out if not seen already!