Monday, 28 February 2011

Given the chance to look like a princess for just one night... I say go all out!

At events when you can get away with looking like a Princess, why not embrace your inner gorgeousness with the most prettiest elegant dress you can, for one night only; turn yourself into a character that has just jumped out of a story book.... Please show your appreciation for my two favourites at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards below.

In this glittering tulle masterpiece by Marchesa, Halle Berry looks absolutly Stunning! Everything was perfect, her jewellery was suble to compliment her detailed dress. 10 points!

Camilla Alves looked stunning in this Kaufman Franco black gown, with plunging necklace, and the gorgeous centre parted bun hair do was most definatly on trend, she looked every bit a red carpet goddess!

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Tereza Anton said...

I haven't seen this photo of Camilla Alves before. She is so beautiful.