Friday, 3 December 2010

Lets drink Tea- Sketch Conduit Street

I love tea!

So I have put together my little favourite tea places in London, the list will get longer... I just have to find some more hidden gems first...
My first on the list is SKETCH, this little tea palace is gorgeous, check out the pictures above, (Check out the Afternoon Tea menu below) GORGEOUS! With the huge selection of flavoured teas, its hard to actually choose what to have, I am a firm English Breakfast lover my self, with a tad of milk, with a side place of sweetness...
Lets talk Cakes Hmmm...... My favourite being the Strawberry Tart- With Fresh Strawberries, sake jelly, vanilla cream, royal icing, almond, jocande biscuit soaked in strawberry juice, on a shortbread... Mouth wateringy good stuff.
A destination of Food, Music and Art, Sketch is the most wonderful place to visit, if you are ever around Regent street shopping, give it a go, if you are an passionate tea drinker like my self... you wont be disappointed.

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