Thursday, 23 December 2010

Le Freak...

Well you probably all know by now I am obsessed with the 1970s Disco era, everything from the fashion to the music and the actual love for dancing moves me into some kind of out of body experience…I have a slight obsession and a little resentment to actually not being apart of it 30 years ago, with every disco album filling my IPod my days are satisfied with the sound of deep 70s soul… which makes these cold winter days a lot more blissful.

So the main reason for this repeating disco themed post is the enthusiasm to arrange a 70s party for my 23rd birthday party… Yep… I no, it’s a bit of a random one… but on my 21st I didn’t want a party… and now I’m quite saddened by the thought…

I am thinking studio 54 themed space, filled with disco balls, obviously not real ones… and bright disco lights… possible a disco lit dance floor… (How cool would that be…? (John Travolta eat your heart out)

The dress code will be strict, and the music too… I want it to feel like who ever attends will be walking back in time… back into a 70s club, the music, the food the drink the cocktail sticks, EVERYTHING… and that includes the fashion… (Unfortunately smoking outside will be compulsory… Law of the Country I'm afraid… so no smoke filled rooms for added effect)

Everyone will have to be dressed in theme… Full length Maxi Dresses, mini dresses, lame tops, Lycra playsuits big hair, big earrings, fabric bodices and exotic sleeves, think Bianca Jagger. Men on the other hand… think John Travolta… and you are most certainly there.

Well… one must crack on with the Planning!

Photographer Yelena Yemchuk captures a ‘Starry Mood’ in Vogue Italia. Aided by model Abbey Lee Kershaw and fashion editor Aleksandra Woronieck, the trio builds an all-white editorial for the Italian publication’s November 2009 issue.