Friday, 24 December 2010

Burlesque you say? Isn’t that where the women flaunt their lady bits?

Burlesque you say? Isn’t that where the women flaunt their lady bits?

Vintage Glamour has come back into the club scene with the effect of “Burlesque” you have more than likely seen the film reviews and adverts for the film starring Christina Aguilera and Cher everywhere, this rise in the fascination for Burlesque clubs and desiring lust to release your inner womanliness with the added delights of nipple tassels and gorgeous lingerie is making women look twice… not only can it bring personal confidence, it also promotes that women are beautiful in every way… plus the outfits are pretty special too…

The foremost importance to being a burlesque performer is having no rules, no conforming to conventional dance routines, a burlesque performer can be an individual, dance to the music and tell a story in her own personal way.

Three years ago, people would never have even heard of the word “Burlesque” But the appeal for it around the world… especially seen in London where I live… is huge… Dance studios now offer classes for women to release there inner gorgeousness and the huge appeal for Men and Women to visit clubs such as Proud Cabaret in London.

I am a huge fan of Dita Von Teese, I think she is absolutely gorgeous, and the fact that she does all her own makeup and styling her self… amazes me… I find her a true inspiration for women.

My view on Burlesque? I love it, I think it’s classy and spectacular; I enjoy the idea of being sensual through dance, and the added bonus of gorgeous clothes and vintage makeup, However a lot of people would disagree, and I can see reason in this, Burlesque isn’t for everybody, some people may find it to risqué, but for me, and for many women (and men unsurprisingly) it’s a fantastic way to promote the absolute gorgeousness of a women… and for me that’s something to be Proud of.

A few little pictures for you all to dribble over!... Enjoy!

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