Thursday, 24 March 2011

There is something ever so fashionable about bowling...

I love bowling, nether the less I'm still useless at it. I find it near impossible to even hit a skittle down; the balls seem to drift down the alley revealing a mere NIL POINTS on the score board- Boo! I still find the who bowling concept rather fascinating; not the playing as such, just the atmosphere, from the shoes, that people so call "hate" that they actually really love (Sliding around, wearing them with your ankle grazing jeans and a tee-shirt)- You know you look cool.

To the music, to the fast food and to the who team effort, girl’s v boys! I love bowling! I just wish I was a better competitor. Last year I visited a few bowling alleys, One in Brick Lane East London, and another in Bloomsbury Central London, where we met the mighty Serge from Kasabian!- Who ever said bowling wasn’t cool!

Check out the amazing shoot by Kevin Hagell Capturing the Popular 70s past time that I love love love!

Jo and Serge from Kasabian

My shocking score of Nil Points.